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Shifting with Spring, Equinox and Eclipse to Boost Aliveness

Energetically sensitive people know this time of year can be a little challenging, despite our absolute joy of the return of warm weather, longer days, the green of grass and bulbs bursting up everywhere! Perhaps you have noticed the softness of branches as their buds begin to plump up on their way to flowering and leafing later in the spring. The look of the woods is different; the quality of the light is different, the smells, the sound of the wind…everything that touches our senses is shifting…and so are we.

What are we shifting into this Spring…inside ourselves, in our relationships, in the larger world?

It’s a great reflection question. You can go deeper into it by gazing back to last Spring and the Spring of 2020…each one punctuated by an intensity in the world that grabbed our attention, activated fears, and then anger, judgmentalism and more…while in our hearts, I know we wanted to feel the beauty of unconditional love. How did these dynamics affect you and your life? How is the pain and suffering that we are hearing about now in the Ukraine, as the momentous shift this year, is affecting you? What about dynamics, situations closer to home? What does it all look and feel like from this vantage point?

How are you after two full years of vast disturbances? Like me, do you wish you could have a day when we weren’t so crowded in by threats to our well-being, to the world’s well-being? It’s a lot. It’s been a lot…and it’s going to continue to be a lot.

Do you remember when, in the beginning of all of this, I wrote about emotional and physical immunity and resiliency? While I tried to keep my writing focused on that, I was knocked off my center for a while by the difficulty a few others were having with me writing about boosting our physical health. Never one to want to upset others, though I know that I do challenge others, just by being me…as we all do…I lost my voice for a bit. I have had to find my voice again, in this new dynamic, and believe me, it’s not been easy.

Some of you might remember when I taught two classes at Kent State University that I had created: “Navigating in These Troubled Times” and “Reclaiming Our Voice, Our Lives.” Only now, while writing this, do I see how increasingly interwoven these two themes have become. Prescience on my part? I think, maybe.

Having traveled up the spiral a few times, I find myself here again blending these two in my work and hoping that there is something in what I write that will help you to better find and create your own way in these troubling, yet hopeful, times.

Let’s start here with the theme of living intentionally and increasing our conscious awareness:

What do you want this next year to be about…this next season of birth to death of the natural world? What do you want your life to be about this year? How might you want to grow, to stretch, to heal? What do you want to overcome? To transform? What beauty do you want to bring into your life? What joy? What spiritual energies? What opportunities do you want to call toward yourself? What ways might you want to reclaim your life, by reclaiming your voice?

May you let these questions percolate within you, that they may prompt you on your path to living more consciously and intentionally, to growing your spiritual self…to growing your wholeness.

If you have my Touchstone Guide, it’s a great time to bring it out again, to go through the well-being checklist, to use it as a guide to see where you are flourishing and where you are, perhaps, flagging, to begin to set intentions, envision a path and take your next steps towards the possibilities inherent in the energies of this year.

Imagine your coming year as a canvas and you with a palette full of your favorite colors…imagine those colors as energies…see them moving, combining, brightening, creating patterns that call to the higher dimensional energies/beings to help you bring into manifestation that which will make your heart sing…no matter what.

Or better yet…get out your paints! I’m getting mine out.

Sending the brightest of blessings!

Have you thought about trying out my Radiant Hearts Circle lately? I'd love to see your heart on Tuesday night! Last week our members said it's the medicine their hearts needed because of the stress and pain of the Ukrainian people, and so many other challenges that have been impacting us collectively. To read more about what Tuesday nights are all about, click here. Over the years many of you have participated in various retreats and groups that I've offered. Radiant Hearts Circle is Tapping Into the Field, guided visualization, meditation, energy practices and breathing techniques. Sprinkle in some magic and awe, and that's what you'll be part of each week. If you want a refresher, you can purchase a one time Guest Pass here: If you've don't have any idea what I'm talking about, I've created a one-hour, jam-packed workshop just for you! Choose the Intro to Radiance here. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you for being here with me. I appreciate YOU.

Here's to Your Radiance,

~ Dr. Holly


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