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Effervescent Energy of Spring, Renewal, Rebirth & Resurrection

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

I’m thinking of seasons on this first day of spring, 2021.

Not the three month kind, the years long seasons of our lives, the ones that don’t come back and the ones that do, but greatly altered in the spiral of their return. Last year was one of those seasons that is still changing our daily living on so many fronts: Covid losses, social justice, economic stability, and political bridge-building.

Infancy, childhood, adolescent years, raising my children, marriages, seasons when I’ve been sick and then healthy, seasons when I’ve struggled and then been in the flow and synchronicity of life, seasons when I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going and then ones in which every step was clear, seasons I was in love with a particular other person and the whole of life and then seasons when I felt alone. Seasons of living.

And now this season where it's so much easier to be grateful for everything in my life, for all the equanimity, love, and graceful harmony.

In December I moved into a new home and, ever since, it has been Spring in my heart. This new home has beckoned a growth in me. I didn’t even know how stagnant I felt in my old home, until I left it behind.

Now, with the energies of my beautiful new sanctuary, I feel an energetic shift in me. I’ve gotten healthier, more active and energized...stronger. My being had needed this shift for the next stage of my development, of my expression of me in and for this world. AND it’s SPRING!

I’ve been adding back in more ways of being that magnetize me towards fuller expressions of my true self. I’ve been nudged along, supported. My High Self, the Divine, now has my attention and is urging me. The blossoming of the crocuses, daffodils, and jonquils; the longer light, the quickening and awakening energies everywhere around us, seemed perfectly timed for this new blossoming within me. How is it seeming to you?

This time, once again around the spiral, I’m responding with even less resistance, less inertia. I’m moving forward to be as open and as present to all scales of life – from the minuscule to the vast.

And I remember, YES! The season of resurrection is upon us!

Once I let myself open to the energy of resurrection, I felt it more in my body – this renewal of life within me. Resurrection, of course, is not a one time experience. It is cyclical and spiral. Where are we this season of renewal compared to last? Where are you? This season is unquestionably one in which our experience of it transforms from one return to the next.

While I’ve always enjoyed the gift of farsightedness, from here, from this vantage point high on the mountain of experience, what I see is so vast and it is breathtaking beyond comparison! I can feel that rise in my energy, that quickening of my pulse coming from inside of me as these words come that I’m eager to share with you in this inaugural newsletter: Sacred Pause. I’m transforming my business, and so many aspects of how I show up in the world, including this newsletter.

Thanks for reading about my journey – I know you have powerful stories too. I hear them in the heartbeat of the universe, and I know we are kindred spirits.

Here’s to your radiance,


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