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I've been using HeartMath for many years to track my Heart Rate Variability. Why's this important? Read more....

(link coming soon)


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The SSP is powerful for creating a sense of safety in the world. Our whole body benefits from freeing ourselves from living in an anxious separated state. Read more....(link coming soon)


Jason Silva - Inspired Futurist

I'm regularly inspired on many topics when I listen to or watch his content. I've got a blog post with links to my favorites. (link coming soon)  

What People Say

D. M.

Today was awesome...something shifted for me and my ease with people is back.

J. M. (Trauma Expert)

You have achieved a breakthrough I believe, in what you have developed.

J. C.

Thanks Holly – your work and involvement in my world has been HUGELY altering, and ALL for the better!!!!

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