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Heal & Grow with Us

Are you interested in healing your Spirit? Growing your resilience? Experiencing more radiant aliveness? Learning Energy Psychology tools for self-healing? Connecting with kindred spirits in a Circle?
Setting wellness goals, and achieving them? 

Our group offers encouragement with tapping meditations and easy-to-use tools. 

I've created ways for you to set goals and track your progress using the simple and effective Energy Psychology tools that I've used in my therapy practice for decades. Once you learn these techniques, you can help yourself in a challenging time. 

You can also use these practices to boost yourself into feeling more aliveness. Resetting your system to a peaceful and neutral state is healthy for your body and mind. Energy Psychology tools do just that – interrupt your body's stress response. 

Stress is the pre-curser to disease and for many people, these techniques have created a new normal – even during the pandemic – that increased their joy. 

If you're new to my work, please take the Intro to Radiance Course first. It will prepare you for joining the Circle. You have access to the Course and can use it over and over for your own energy flow practice. 

(NOTE: the Circle is on Pause until Fall 2022.)


Every time we lift up into awe, we help ourselves evolve and grow. 
- Dr. Holly


Start with Dr. Holly's
Intro To Radiance

We've got an hour packed introductory training video that helps you experience some of what we do on Tuesday nights. In this video you learn more about energy, breath and several tools we use to create a healing experience in the circle. 

Holly demonstrates 20 methods and techniques of our Tuesday night experience for you. Even though we are calling it a training video, you'll notice a shift in how you feel after joining Holly in this one-hour experience. 


We've included an index of the training for future reference so it's easy to refresh yourself on any method. 

After this introduction video, you'll be ready to join Radiant Hearts Circle! (NOTE: the Circle is on Pause until Fall 2022- join the email list for updates on current offerings.)

What People Say

D. M.

Today was awesome...
something shifted for me and my ease with people is back.


I have done

tapping online

but this was amazing!

J. C.

Thanks Holly - your work and involvement in my world has been HUGELY altering, and ALL for the better!!!!

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