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Listen to the Wind

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Last week in the Circle I shared this book that I'd used in women's circle groups years ago. Something nudged me to get it out and it ended up being the thing that called to be shared last week during our tech-challenged meeting.

I think it's important to remember that most of us are interrupting old patterns of disconnection and creating new ways of being in our personal journey.

Anytime we come together, we are weaving our journeys together - we can be lightly bound together or tightly woven together. Each woven pattern in our lives is important and life changing.

It also brings me back to the "Wisdom of Trauma" movie quote that struck such a note in me:

"How do we make the world safe enough for one another to be ourselves?" — Gabor Maté

It was this quote that led me to talk about safety for us individually and collectively and ask myself and you: How can we, in our beautiful circle, make this true for each of us?

To be able to be ourselves without changing anything with a group of trusted humans is the essence of belonging and unconditional love which I believe to be part of our evolution to a higher consciousness.

Excerpt from "I Sit Listening to the Wind"

by Judith Duerk

How might your life be different, if you had a place to go, whenever your were overwhelmed by the power of your feelings? If you could be received by women gathered in a circle . . . and helped to witness your feelings . . . and to trust their truth?

If the women would build up the fire and let you dance out your feelings . . . your pain and anguish and hurt . . . even your wordless rage.

And, as the fire burned low and you rested from your dance, you could look into the glowing embers . . . and wonder how it might have been different for your mother and grandmother before you, if they, also, had been received by women, long before you were born.

If women, then, could have helped them trust that their feelings served a purpose . . . helped them know that their feelings might bring truth to bear where it was needed?

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