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Become a Radiant Heart!

  • Intro to Radiance

    Experience Dr. Holly to see what you're missing!
    • 20 Grounding and reBalancing Exercises
    • Tapping for Self-Care
    • Video Class with Dr. Holly
    • Energy Rebalancing Techniques
    • ***Pre-Requisite for joining the Circle

What People Say

Grateful Member

Absolutely wonderful session tonight. The shift and elevation of energy was palpable and precious. So grateful for you and your gift of healing.


I was incredibly touched and supported with the group’s active listening and your amazing ability to take what folks share and work with that heartfelt sharing to offer the gift of compassion and healing. My experience was that I felt a release, an acceptance, an embrace of a community of souls. My gratitude.

Grateful Member

WOW, WOW, WOW! Magic!

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