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Dr. Holly the Coach & Therapist

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

If you arrived here, I bet we have some things in common...

  • Do you ask a lot of questions?

  • Do your friends call you a spiritual seeker?

  • Do you explore more than one answer to your question?

  • Do you feel as though you are often pushing on the “walls” you feel around you?

  • Are you in perpetual pursuit of personal growth and healing?

Me too!

When I was four I wondered if a speck of dust, that I was watching slowly fall from the ceiling, was in fact a planet as complex as Earth. Was that planet full of life too? That moment was transcendent and mystical for me. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the nature of expanded reality.

In more recent years, science and spiritual voices have started referencing fourth, fifth, and higher dimensional realities. This thrills the curious child in me!

The Curious Coach

This curious mind also led me to become a therapist, and now I’m adding Coach to my title because that feels like a way to satisfy my curious seeking self.

When I was getting my PhD, I had a professor who said his job was to socialize us into the profession of therapy. He said that I was the exception in the room – he could tell I’d never be socialized completely into therapy.

Several years after that prophetic professor “saw” me as the seeker, I found Energy Psychology tools and embraced them into my life. What I found was that I experienced radical healing and transformational growth with these practices called energy tools. I found profound freedom from my personal pain. Everything in my being knew that I wanted, and needed, to share energy medicine with my clients.

“I started calling myself an Energy Psychologist and I’ve never looked back.”

Mental, Emotional, Physical Freedom

My new found liberation from the past created what I call: Soul Sober Sovereignty. This was a whole new world that aided my talk therapy practice. True empowerment comes not from seeing a therapist each week, but from having the means to move into resilience, find balance and harmony all on our own. Doesn’t mean therapists aren’t needed, but it changes the stability of the client in between sessions.

During client sessions, I saw my clients wanting to head into the darkest parts of their lives because they were ready. They’d increased their resilience and were ready to unpack hard pieces of their journey.

As a result, I’ve witnessed an incredible amount of healing and growth. Clients moving into their potential and realizing their dreams. It’s such an incredible job to have! I’m not quite ready to hang up my license yet but I’m looking at the joy of being a coach now in addition to being a therapist.

Seeking New Boundaries

As a therapist, my boundaries are dictated by agencies – I can accept small gifts, however, giving gifts is taboo. BUT as a Coach, I can send you gifts if I feel inspired to! How fun is that?

As a coach, I can express more of my thoughts and ideas around vibration, higher dimensions, spiritual aspects of healing and growth, moon cycles, my love of nature and her healing properties. I can teach you tapping and energy psychology tools. I can pursue art and share poems with you. I can share the wisdom of my personal journey with you to inspire more healing in your journey.

I’d love to have you join me – to share in my adventurous pioneer spirit of pushing on the walls around us. I’d love you to ask questions and together we seek more answers about the world around us. Each month I host a Post Traumatic Transformation Q&A with Dr. Holly on Facebook. I'll be adding these videos to my Youtube channel for greater accessibility.

"What if that speck of dust has a whole lot of wise life that is ready to teach us more about ourselves?"

Here's to your radiance!

Dr. Holly

To take Intro to Radiance with Dr. Holly, an hour packed workshop, click here.

To learn more about Dr. Holly, visit here.

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