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How I increased my Intentional Living

I'm going to be vulnerable here with you and report on my experience of increased intentional living. I've shared that I was setting the intention to do yoga daily and here are my results: 1) I payed more attention to my tracking log (for well-being and for tracking my effort/actions). 2) I got out for a moderately difficult hike. 3) I was more focused and effective in the tasks that I set for myself to accomplish & the experiences I chose to have. 4) AND I'm continuing with this level of follow through and increased self care. I haven't set a specific intention for this week - yet! How about you?

The Touchstone Guide is intended to help you be more intentional in your self healing and growth efforts and choices, because you will begin to feel better, more energized, aligned, trusting yourself more as you become more intentional. You're becoming more proactive in your own experience of life and there's no question that your reward is personal transformation. How might you be a bit more intentional about your participation? Perhaps you are continuing to work through an area of associated beliefs to strengthen your sense of yourself, of your safety in the world, of your resilience and joy in the midst of a wounded world. Maybe, as a result of what I've been writing about intention, you want to look at some of your blocks to motivation. In all of this, try to go to the core of the issue. When does it feel like it began in your life? What was the worst moment with this particular issue? What else is there that you haven't worked on before? Questions like these will help you go deeper and be more effective in your own self healing.

Saturday is the new moon, so this is the time for letting go... What is it you are most aware of that is holding you back or weighing you down? Are you ready to let go of that? Because the Earth energies are certainly aligned for you to do this now and powerful shiftings are happening, sometimes feeling like upheavals, shake ups.

And even though it doesn't FEEL like it is, these times are OPPORTUNITIES for TRANSFORMATION. The work you do on your own behalf now is supported by earth and solar energies. It's like during a fundraiser and someone is offering a match grant. You give a $100, they match a $100. So think of it as the Universe offering you a match grant now!!!

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