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Radiant Aliveness Blossoms Into Radiant Hearts Circle

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

I love the Tuesday evening Circle that’s been meeting during one of the longest years of our lives. This group has been one of 2020’s best kept secrets, and now 2021. The resilience it is providing people is palpable.

I’m SO excited to finally announce that Radiant Hearts Circle, our Tuesday evening group, is ready for YOU. Let’s grow resilient and alive hearts, together!

We’ve been a small and mighty group flexing our resilience muscles for two years now through thick and thin. We are ready for 2022. And, we want you to be ready too.

I’m excited to offer you a spot in our Circle. Become a member today - we’re ready to meet you!

I know, you’re tired of hearing about the Covid Effect. Let me give you a shifted perspective.

Covid has created a HUGE pause in our lives which has created an individual labyrinth experience, of sorts. (You know I love labyrinths!) Many of us have been uncomfortable with the increased non-social time. While others have loved the stay-at-home time.

Radiant Hearts are mindfully aware of uncomfortable experiences and navigate through them with awareness. Awareness doesn’t mean easy, it means honoring the way we feel and taking charge of our energy.

The last couple of years was fraught with many fears: illness, political upheaval, racial uprising, social justice yelling, housing and food security crisis, and climate panic. What are we to do? How do we make a difference?

We can be the change by taking care of ourselves and our energy. The more that we mirror calm, the more that we influence those around us. Resilience is a muscle that we can grow. Radiant Hearts is about developing the muscles to be prepared for the unexpected.

What we know is that the unexpected is always happening, like the storms and power outages in Texas and the Pacific NW. So often we have said, it can’t get worse, and then the unexpected pops in and instantly, things are worse than we could have imagined.

Resilience is about how we train ourselves to respond to the unexpected.

Let’s go on that journey together. Join me, and a group of committed hearts, who are ready to welcome you to our Circle. Join now!

Radiantly yours,


If you haven’t opened an email in awhile, here’s the quick version of what Radiant Hearts Circle is all about: Our energy matters. When we are depleted our health is impacted. We don’t sleep as well, we are tired all the time, anxiety is worse, we shallow-breathe, feel overwhelmed, and we simply want things to change without feeling the energy or the will to be the change.

Energy psychology can help make a radical difference for you. We’ve been meeting every Tuesday at 6:30pm EST during the last year and our members say it’s made a huge difference in how they feel every day. I synergistically interweave meditation, grounding, tapping, shamanic journeying, and visualization into a multilayered resilience boosting practice.

We provide a money back guarantee, we are that confident that you will feel better.

Radiant Hearts Circle - The Growth Path

- Weekly energy healing Circles (recorded for member access)

- Radiant Hearts Touchstone Guide - a supportive tool for clarity

- Membership to my prerecorded online resource library of meditations and energy tools

- A members-only Facebook group to lend ongoing support and encouragement to each other

Hearts are always radiating something....what's your heart radiating? - Holly Timberlake

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