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It’s Taco Tuesday! What Tacos Teach Us.

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Have you thought about preparing yourself for our time together? This time in which you are showing up with intention to love yourself more, to grow your beauty, light and love?

Just like a taco, there are some basic ingredients in our gathering. We have the virtual container that is like the taco shell. (This past year we learned to embrace the sacredness of meeting online!) The rest of the ingredients are each of us that arrive with our own special seasoning and favorite flavors to make the taco one that delights our senses. How might you prepare for our time together? I thought I’d share what I do and see if you are inspired to create a ritual that amplifies your intentional actions.

I choose comfortable clothes that make me feel great.

I bring a cup of tea and a water bottle so my body is hydrated and can better carry the healing energies of my work.

I set the lighting up so I’m relaxed.

I choose an essential oil and put it on my hands and fingertips so as I’m tapping the fragrance is working its nurturing magic on me.

I clear my energy from the day with the intention to be fully present with you.

I light a candle to warm my heart and carry my prayers/intentions upwards.

I say a blessing for our time together.

I’ve heard someone say she’s often popped in at the last second, and that’s ok too!

I love our time together and hope YOU join us too.

Radiantly yours,



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