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How Do You Set Your Intentions?

Here's my daily intention setting practice:

Hello Members:

Funny, with a focus on living more intentionally, I haven't yet offered a process for setting our intention for the day, so let me do that now! Because there is no time like the present. This week is feeling a bit intense for me – how do you navigate the craziness in the world when it feels like you've hit the proverbial wall?

I hear my Higher Self beckoning me to up my self care efforts. I sometimes wish there was a magic formula, however, what I've discovered is that it truly is a Step-by-Step process to create change as I navigate through the Labyrinth of my life.

What's the easiest first step you can take? Any time you are attempting to make a change, add a new, healthy behavior, or resume a practice you had been doing before, it takes extra energy. Doing the easiest thing gets you going...even if it is just standing up!

Today the easiest thing for me was to do the HIIT exercises (or NO dump). I felt resistance, yet KNEW if I didn't do it, my aliveness would stay in a lower register, as would my vibration and my mood. So...I pushed through. I didn't want to do it, but did. And then at the end, I added the Breath of Fire, which felt not only more energizing, but it also freed up stuck energy within.

And now on to intention setting. Doing this, no matter when we do it during the day (though early in the morning is best), raises our vibrations; it centers and grounds us; and by activating our inner senses and awareness of them, gives us more balance, more sense of our own wholeness.

reMember...intentions are not the same thing as resolutions, so this is not so much about what you are going to do for the day, as they are about how you want to carry yourself through the day. Do you want to be compassionate in your responses to ourselves and others? Do you want live from a place of deep peace and calm, or enthusiastic focus, or open to the loving messages of the Universe/God?

Here's a sample intention that I've used regularly:

Today, I lovingly support myself to engage in

increased self care of my body, heart, and mind.

To set up your daily intentions:

  • Get quiet in a comfortable space.

  • Begin conscious breathing to activate your inner awareness/experience.

  • Feel into your physical body, emotional body, mental body, relational body...overall, how are you feeling today?

  • What would feel good to your being today? What way of being do you want to claim today? Our way of being through the day comes largely from the thoughts we are having about ourselves and life.

  • What are the thoughts/intentions that come to you, and are given to you from beyond/within?

  • Write your intentions for the day down. Remember to use the present tense as in the example above.

  • Speak your intentions out loud three times and feel them reverberate throughout your being.

At the end of the day, reflect on how holding the intention (no matter how well you consciously held it or not) impacted your day.

"How do you want to intentionally step into your sacred and delicious"

— Holly Timberlake

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