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Don't Try This Stunt at Home!

As a classically trained therapist, I've broken some foundational principles over the years! The one I'll talk about here is on self-healing. You know those disclaimers we see on adrenalin boosting television, "Don't try this stunt at home." Well, therapists have been trained to say, "Only do this work with a professional."

From early on, I understood the value of inviting clients to use the tools I've shared with them during the week by themselves. This is key to building resiliency. When a client tells me they navigated a stressful situation on their own, without ME, I'm excited for them. I'm eager for them to learn to fly on their own. (Which is why being a coach more than a therapist in the Radiant Hearts Circle is exciting to me!)

I'm so glad I listened to my inner wisdom because, as it turns out, this is now the foundational principle that is being taught by leading therapy and trauma experts – the ability to self-rescue, self-resource, and self-heal.

We've been talking about safety in the context of a group and for the next few weeks we'll talk about how to feel and be safe in our own self-healing moments. Navigating our own healing and growth intentionally and effectively is about knowing what we can and need to do for ourselves and when to reach out for support; it's about being as honest and transparent with ourselves as possible about what we are ready to heal and what we are secretly holding onto. We will be covering all this in the weeks ahead.

For this week,'s a rebalancing Tuesday! This is a great time to ask any questions you have about the different energy exercises I've introduced, and you are incorporating and to share what you are noticing from building your energetic foundation with these tools.

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