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How do we lean into our own healing and feel safe?

Let's return to the topic of self-healing this week, because I want to empower you to navigate your own healing.

The more you practice, the more sovereign you will feel. And, it's quite refreshing, in my experience, to liberate myself from the "need" of others.

This doesn't mean doing it all means knowing when to ask for help and support and witnessing. Each of these are a different energy. Hopefully, what I and Radiant Hearts Circle provide is a little of each at different times.

I've come up with a list of reflective questions for you again. You could have a conversation with yourself, journal, do art or music to use as a tool to express how this works for you. Add in your own creativity!

  • How easy is it for me to call someone and ask them to listen to me?

  • Is there a way to make it easier?

  • Who is on that list?

  • Can I be more intentional with my relationships?

  • How available am I for someone to ask me for help?

  • How do I feel when I’m helpful or supportive for someone else?

  • How can I allow someone to feel that way too? :)

  • Is giving and receiving in balance in my relationships?

Call a trusted friend, family member, or family of choice family member.

Having someone who understands you and who you can call upon in a moment of unsteadiness just to be a witness and support is such a rewarding relationship to have. It takes time and conscious effort to develop. It’s easy to grow this - just start doing what you want someone else to do for you. It’s quite magical to offer unconditional love and understanding to someone. It usually starts a trend!

This is the kind of relationship where it’s OK (in fact preferred) to ask for what you need. If this is a new aspect of your friendship, ask if you could each practice saying something you might need, such as, “I just need to vent right now.” “I need to be heard.” “You don’t have to help me fix or solve anything.” “I want to do some brainstorming around this topic.” “I’d like you to reflect back to me what I’m saying.” “I need to have you help me remember to breathe when I talk about this person/experience/feelings.”

Call upon your Friends or Companions from the unseen realm for literal or energetic support.

Make a list of your support team - keep it somewhere that you are reminded of being loved and cared for. Perhaps even include photos of loved ones who are on the list. Look for the email from with the audio recording of Angela's guided exercise from last week if you missed the meeting.

Make an appointment with a professional when confidentiality and expertise are wanted. 

Work with a coach, spiritual direction professional, astrologer, healer, acupuncturist, body worker, licensed professional to work through something that feels too overwhelming to do alone. Having an ally who has some ideas of where to go next or knows how to guide you to what’s next is helpful.

AND, if you find yourself in a space of being unsure where to turn for the help you are seeking, throw it out to the Universe! "What's next for my journey to _____?" (insert what you are seeking: health, calm, insight, joy, etc.) It's fun to see how energies align and we find our next serendipitous moment that is part of our healing and growth.

Here's to your radiance!

Dr. Holly

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