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You wanna borrow what?!?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

You probably remember the last time you loaned something out and didn’t get it back? Did it leave a residue around the word borrow?

We’ve learned from a sorrowful experience to pull back when that simple little phrase “Can I borrow…” pops out of someone’s mouth. The good news is that we have a remedy for healing up ick energy around “borrow.” :)

In my world of energy psychology, “borrow” has a unique spin. One that I think you’ll like! When one person shares their healing encounter, other people around them find benefits for their own healing. In other words, our healing ripples out and impacts healing for those around us...and beyond! I love thinking about the magical ripples going out around the world supporting others I will never meet.

“Borrowing Benefits” was a phrase coined by Gary Craig, the creator of EFT. In his training, we learned that observers of a healing session could tap into their own charge of the same or a similar issue. Gary had realized when our emotions are evoked, even if we aren’t in the hot seat, we are given the opportunity to heal too.

Even though we are meeting virtually, each week we are creating an energetic circle that amplifies our personal healing. Our strong and mighty group creates an energetic bond, and together, we grow in ways we can’t grow by ourselves.

In Tuesdays gathering, I’m going to demonstrate, with Angela, how I help someone release the emotional, physical and energetic pain still lodged within. You will observe and process, while passively or actively deriving benefits yourself.

Our lovely Radiant Hearts Circle will be borrowing from Angela’s session with me Tuesday evening. The first time I ever did this was with Gary in a weekend training in 1999.

During our Tuesday session, you won’t be just watching a demonstration, you will be tapping on whatever gets evoked in you, whatever it is that rises to the surface within you, signaling it’s readiness for you to reverse the direction of its flow to that which enhances your well-being. will be able to witness one example of doing the process and it will help you have more understanding of how to do this with yourself.

If this sounds has your curiosity up, please join us! Support that Radiant Heart of Yours.

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