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Are you wondering what's next for your personal growth & resiliency? 

Learn how to shift your energy with Dr. Holly

Grow your skills with Tapping, Energy Psychology & meditation

Radiant Hearts Circle is a place to heal & grow:

  • WE ARE on a Sacred Pause currently, please sign up for email updates where we'll announce what's next! 

  • Regular Live Online Sessions to support you

  • Dr. Holly leads the group in energy balancing exercises & belief reversal practices

  • Private FB group for ongoing encouragement

  • Access to recordings and worksheets for your personal healing and growth journey

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Radiant Hearts Pledge.

Meet Dr. Holly

Energy Psychology Expert & Coach

Being an instrument for healing brings my heart joy! 

Your heart is always radiating the truth of your energetic and emotional states...

what do you want to radiate from your heart?

I'm a licensed psychologist with a diplomate in Energy Psychology AND I love coaching people on how to grow their resiliency and well-being. I'm gifted with seeing people THRIVE! 

I believe growth and healing are the path to intentional and whole-hearted living. I'm excited that you're checking in with your heart simply by visiting my site. 


Belong to a Community

Learn Tapping and

Energy Tools

Set Wellness Goals

Learn from Dr. Holly


Your Journey of Reaching towards Resilience and Wellness has brought you here.
Join us today!

Hearts radiate the whole
range of energy & emotion.
What's your heart radiating?
-Dr. Holly

Instead of 2 testimonial boxes here, let's have one box that has a video place holder in it. 

- O

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Intro to Radiance is Where to Begin

In one hour Dr. Holly gives you a dose of Radiant Hearts Circle and 20 methods and tips. 
You'll notice a difference, or you get your money back. 


 Dr. Holly uses Energy Psychology and Tapping into the Field to awaken your body, mind, and energy. 

We're glad you're here!


Dr. Holly's Blog


What People Say

D. M.

Today was awesome...something shifted for me and my ease with people is back.

J. M. (trauma expert)

You have achieved a breakthrough in what you have developed.

J. C.

Thanks Holly
- your work and involvement in my world has been HUGELY altering, and ALL for the better!!!!

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