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Opening to Awe Daily

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

From Dr. Holly:

I wonder how often do we go through our days focused on the mundane, the ordinary, the repetitive—nose to the grindstone, focusing on what needs to be done just to stay one top of or not feel buried by everything?

Consciously, if we can, trying to keep the stress levels down and maybe, if we are living more intentionally, even take care of ourselves through it all.

Like meditating, doing yoga, remembering to step out of judgment and into empathy, releasing old pain, changing our patterns around getting triggered.

But, like the old adage about stopping to smell the roses—which really only takes a few moments—what it takes first is intention, follow through by the developed ability to shift states quickly moving into presence, peace.

Imagine developing the ability to open to awe at will and imagine the difference it would make in your life to commit to opening into awe and wonder daily!

Notice what you feel in your body when in awe. Think of a time when you felt awe…what happened? Your body will attune to that memory and give you the feeling that you felt then, even if reduced…not as strong. It’s the memory your body, physical and energetic holds from that moment.

These experiences raise our vibrational levels into the higher reaches, bringing more light into us and then bringing the reality around us (locally and non locally) into alignment with that level. Every time we lift up into awe, we help ourselves evolve and grow. Imagine if you could commit to feeling awe every day for a year…how might your experience of living shift after all that juice?!

Do you know of the work of David Hawkins? Look up the Map of Consciousness. I used to give it to my clients. It is a chart that lays out the various aspects of life at different vibrational levels.

Stay tuned!

Here's to your radiance!

Dr. Holly

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